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What is Surrealism in Arts?

When we draw, paint or create something, we use logic to match the reality. Everyone need their work to be natural, whether a painting, illustration, photographs..etc. It includes several faculties like lightning, shadow, perspectives, angles, colors, tones, textures, moods..etc. How natural your is creation, is going to bring life and attention towards your work.

While Sur-Realism is a method of doing something where, real life ideas are mixed up with abstract thoughts and illogical concepts to bring more expressiveness to the arts. In a more poetic term, we can call it as a wonderland, in which you build the entire world in the way you want, without using any logical blocks.

an elephants snout eventually becoming tentacle of an octopus is surrealism 

Surrealism brings magic to the arts, where ones idea or creative mindset isn't blocked anymore. Surrealistic images are sometimes thought provoking, where it brings 'never met' situations to the scene. It can make you think in several unexpected terms & styles, where your abstract mind came into play.

Words are limited to express  abstractness, there where once modern art came into the scene. Surrealism is different from modern art. surrealism is linking something un-linked in nature or in real life situations, finding similarities between shapes, working, procedures, ideas, expressions, styles, patterns and emotions.

A surrealistic work will bring sudden POV's, Emotions, Meanings, Thinking's directly to your mind. Which further helps to open up versatile creative mindset