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Donation of First Public Domain Art on Excurl

On Excurl

Excurl is a project built for hassle free exchange of art and design for inspiration and preservation of cultural heritage through innovation. At excurl we are looking at resources that are cultural centric.
    In the context of India, where the excurl is built from, has a tremendous style of arts and cultural heritage. Among various art styles of India like Mural, Kalighat, Patachithra, Madhubani is one of the major in them. The Madhubani or Mithila-art is a art form named after a city in Bihar state, in india named Madhubani. Its praticed in India-Nepal region commonly which uses Indian mythology as the main theme like goddess and deities from hindu-sanatanic scriptures like radha, krishna..etc.
    There are many madhubani painting circulation in internet created by many talented Indian artists which are beautiful in many ways, but none of them are free, means all of them are unusable in many ways for the public usage, like in news papers, magazines, posts, websites, videos, books..etc.

Here we are releasing our first public domain image in art section which is a madhubani illustration of a women donated by one of the growing artist who passionately willing to work with excurl named midhun_hex.

Why this is important

Here Its just a piece of illustration, a portrait of a women. But why such a small work is a leap is, this is the first step that taken towards this direction, means building cultural visual assets hybrid archive from various sources and distributing in  lite-licensed form. So this is is the first step taken towards in this area to renovate Indian cultural assets mainly with any global assets on the way.

Above image is available under Creative Commons CC BY.4.0