If you are a Photographer you can donate your photographs to the public-domain
If you are an Illustrator you can donate your illustrations to the public-domain  
If you are a Painter you can donate your paintings (digitized) to the public-domain  
If you are a 3D Artist you can donate your models to the public-domain  
If you are a Digital Artist you can donate your artworks to the public-domain
If you are a Graphic designer you can share designs & suggest and help 

If you are a Web-developer you can suggest and help
If you are a Writer you can suggest, correct, help and contribute
If you are  Wondered send a feedback
If you are something  Deep-learning, Machine-learning, Artificial Intelligence let's discuss and suggest something (GANS,GPU's)
If you are  Running something list us, promote us
If you are Running Some Tech give us a hand as host, domain, to spread

Any popular accounts donations are welcomed like
Canva Pro, Ghost, Wordpress, Google Workspace, Collab Pro, DigitalOcean, Flickr Pro, Rawpixels, Google Drive..   we are working with these to populate..

If you have rare books, arts illustrations, photographs, old works, museum items, papers, rare audios, manuscripts, connect us share us to preserve

If you are  Happy stay as happy :-)

If you are Rich ( rich enough to be kind) go to donations page