Re-exposing of Existing Contents 

Various Resources are fetched to release arts and works
Locating Old-age Artworks, paintings, Images from archival  museum's and library projects, and re-exposure it to invite attention.

Painting Digitization

Digitized Painting (Scanned in High DPi)
Digitization and archival of physical images that are in canvas or on wall ( wherever doesn't matter, we'll give a try)

Vector Conversion 

low clarity jpeg from pinterest {528x656}

Restored as high clarity raster file from converted vector {.png} {2112x2624}
finding png's and jpg's from web that are in poor clarity like caricature, drawings, line arts, low quality meme imgs from sources like pinterest , and converting it into high clarity svg's {raster→vector}

Vectorization of Paintings 

{above shows the vectored Oil Painting after digitization}

Conversion of paintings into  Vague Vectors.  (Vectors, that keeps the physical glitches aka maximum raw conversion) 

Restoration of Images

Restored of American model Evelyn Nesbit {1884}

There are lots of images of old times are there still in poor condition with less details. it majorly includes archives and analog outs. So Restoration at various levels may help bring these photos to life again.

Colorization  Of Images

Re-colored image of American model Evelyn Nesbit {1884}

Colorization of old-graphed BW Images to retain its aesthetic value & to re-exposure it into blog feeds, websites, and editorials 

Community Selection : 

Selection of vector graphics from community artists { like from dribble, behance, instagram, twitter..etc} and displaying it with proper attribution either by request or by need.

Portfolio linking : 

Community linking author portfolios.

News and updates on Creative Ideas :

Blogging on Digitization, Preservation, conversion and designing.

India images collection 

Indian context oriented collection of contents
India Specific community collection of vectors and stock images that are in public domain, collected from various resources on web.

Curation of works :

Curation of ideas, concepts, collections, images, vectors, paintings, artworks.