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30+ Realistic Dravidian Women Portrait Wonders of Artist S Elayaraja

8 Years ago, one of my friend's profile picture in social media was a girl lighting hearth, i thought it was a photographed, but actually it was a painting, painting of a girl wearing a native Indian dress. It was that realistic to look, since that i kept that in my gallery for a long period of time. Later on i came to know that its from an artist named Elayaraja (he's no more..while this writing).

Since that, i decided to write it down later about him and his realistic arts, the time has come now. Elayaraja is born in Tamilnadu and who was well known for his realistic portraits of Tamil women. He draws his inspiration from the land where he born and brought up. He mainly focused upon portraying Tamil women, their culture, tradition and lifestyle. His canvas often misinterpreted as photographs. All of his paintings has that bursting emotion in it which narrates the a story of a women within the canvas.

Apart from emotion and poetic nature of art, he was a brilliant artist who can bring lives out of colors and minute details through his brush, sincerely some of his portraits has that gene in it which carries the emotion of the land and essence of Dravidian culture.

Especially articulation of light and dark  in his portraits often gives the feeling of sense of reality. Its that brilliant enriched in details.